The Arkansas River: from Leadville to Lamar

Celebrating water and life in the Arkansas River basin in Colorado.

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About the Documentary

The Arkansas River from Leadville to Lamar explores the economic and social importance of the river focusing on its recreational, municipal, and agricultural value. By the year 2050, the population of Colorado is expected to double. But future growth and economic development hinges on a dependable water supply. In response, the State has developed a water plan designed to meet the needs of recreational, municipal and agricultural users. The Arkansas River basin is an important part of that plan, and this documentary and website is designed tp educate and inspire viewers to care for this critically important resource.

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Learn More About the Arkansas Basin

During the production of the documentary, we recorded hundreds of hours of footage, some of which didn’t make it into the hour-long documentary. Here are some additional clips to help you understand the basin and the people who call it home.

Explore the Arkansas Basin

Below you’ll find a number of 360-degree videos which will allow you to experience the Arkansas basin in a new way.

Praise forĀ The Arkansas River: from Leadville to Lamar…

“Great film...very well shot, edited and produced - great production values. I learned a lot watching it, both about the river and the people involved.”

Brent Gardner-SmithAspen Journalism


Funding for the documentary was provided by: the Colorado Water Conservation Board; the Public Education, Participation, and Outreach program of the Arkansas Basin roundtable; and the Mass Communications department at Colorado State University – Pueblo.

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